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Introduction Features Quality Fenestration Colors & Accessories
Window Type Cost Maintenance Corrosion/
Termite attack
Ease of
Wooden High Cost Maintenance Intensive Termite & Rot Attacks Leaks & Draughts Average Subject to all Noises Excellent Difficult if Not Maintained None
Steel Low Cost Maintenance Intensive Highly Corrosive Leaks & Draughts Poor Subject to all Noises Poor Impossible if Not Maintained None
Alumunium Low to Mid Cost Not Maintainable Corrosive Leaks, Draughts & Wind Rattle Poor Subject to all Noises Poor Not Smooth None
Suits All Budgets Low to High Virtually Maintenance Free NO Corrosion or Termite Attacks NO Leaks
NO Draughts
NO Rattle
Self Draining
Excellent Sound Proofing Excellent Thermal Efficiency Smooth & Easy Gliding Action Yes
Weather the heaviest storm and protect your property from wind, rain, ice, or dust.
Our fire retardant profiles will not spread fire and your property will be safer.
Our double and triple glazed system uses the best spacer technology to ensure that there is absolutely no condensation in between your glass.
Resistant to industrial chemicals, air pollution, acid rain, or other corrosive agents.
The PIVICI system can be installed with multiple locking points, and choice of tempered glass, laminated glass, double glazed, or triple glazed to maximize the security of your property from unwanted intruders.
Weather the heaviest storm and protect your property from wind, rain, ice, or dust.
Every part in our PIVICI system is resistant to salty sea water and air, and to high humidity, whereas wood, aluminum, or steel will rot or corrode.
Sleep well and say “Good Bye” to traffic noise or noisy neighbors.
uPVC is a thermoplastic that is 100% recyclable for multiple times. Each component is inert and is safe for you.
Say “Good Bye” to expensive and poisonous anti termite spray.
Save money on your electric bill and increase comfort in your property at the same time. uPVC does not conduct heat and cold and our multiple chamber system prevents heat and cold transfer.
Can be formed to into aesthetically pleasing shapes, & most architectural requirements can be adapted.