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“Doors are the passageways for mankind, windows are the gateway to heaven.”
- Asian Philosopher
In the earliest steps of civilization, a door was solely a passageway from the sheltered inside to the harsh environment outside.

With the ongoing evolution of civilization, buildings were created with windows and doors that function as paths for sun light and air to pass through.

In today’s building environment, expectations of windows and doors are high. A sophisticated fenestration system that comes with an aesthetic design as well as features such as watertight-ness, airtight-ness, high insulation values for heat and sound, burglarproof rating, durability, and easy maintenance are demanded.
During the lifespan of a building, an enormous amount of energy is consumed. Up to 50% of energy consumption of a building is related to heat gain or loss through windows and doors. This not only depletes the global energy resources, but also affects our energy expenses directly.

With more than 40 years of history and having one of the best insulation values, uPVC windows and doors have a proven track record to perform and deliver energy efficient solutions. It is the material of choice for windows and doors today and plays an increasingly important role in energy conservation efforts in the building industry.

Germany, as a pioneer and industrial leader of uPVC fenestration system, sets the standards for this industry. VEKA AG as its market leader and driving force in research and development is always committed to improving window & door performance. Independent test results show that VEKA uPVC windows have the lowest U-value when compared to aluminum windows and other uPVC window brands ( see chart ).
WHAT IS U-value ?

U-value is the thermal transmission coefficient of doors and windows. It is calculated as W/m2K and refers to the amount of heat energy (W) given out per area (m2) at a given temperature difference (K).

A lower U-value means a window has a better insulation performance. Current European standards request for windows to have a U-value 2.0W/m2K.