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Profile Engineering
PIVICI profiles are tough and extremely durable, and are protected from discoloration for extended years. Hygienically smooth surface allows for easy cleaning. Slimmer profile shape enhances beauty and elegance.
Galvanized Steel Reinforcement
PIVICI profiles are designed with a spacious steel chamber inside to take strong galvanized steel reinforcement, which does not rust easily and will last for many years. This added strength from steel makes our profiles much stronger than wood or aluminum and gives you the benefit of extra security and durability.
Twin EPDM Seals
The PIVICI system uses internal and external EPDM gaskets, which gives excellent durability in tropical climates and improves air and water tightness. EPDM does not have a chemical reaction with uPVC and it will not discolor your profile as other cheaper synthetic rubber alternatives will. It is the only material of choice for a quality conscious manufacturer like us.
Multiple Chambers
The multiple chambers structure in PIVICI profiles gives additional stability, which allows it to keep shape under heavy pressure. This structure design also saves you energy by preventing temperature transfer, and gives you sound insulation and protection from noise pollution.
Drainage Chamber
Our drainage chamber is designed on the outside face of the profiles. This allows proper drainage whilst still maintaining an insulated reinforcement chamber. This system also allows pressure equalization, which prevents energy loss, draught, and entry of dust particles.
Special Glazing
PIVICI profiles have 21 mm glass glazing depth, which is more reliable because glass will stay in place better as it rests deeper on the profile.
Internal Beading
PIVICI glazing beads are located on the internal face. This security feature prevents unwanted intruders from disassembling the glass from outside. Our glazing beads are also interchangeable to accommodate various types of glazing needs and allows for safer glass installation on-site. Replacing and upgrading your glass is also more convenient.
Glazing Wedge
We use imported glazing wedges manufactured by VEKA that are interchangeable. This gives balance to the glass and allows a perfect fit every time.
PIVICI profiles has a standardized Eurogroove feature that allows for a wide variety of industry available hardware and multi locking mechanisms to be easily installed to provide maximum security. Positioned through the center of the sash profile, it creates a stronger position for the lock and greater resistance to forced entry.
Smooth and Easy
Specially formulated lightweight aluminum tracks and premium European quality rollers work hand-in-hand to give PIVICI sliding systems smooth and easy operation.
Multiple Point Locking
A multiple point locking system of various choices can be installed with the PIVICI system and is fixed to the steel reinforcement for extra strength and security. This gives you excellent protection from unwanted intruders.