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Insulating Glass Technology
PT Prosper Rekanda, in collaboration with our partner, Eztu Glass Art, gives you the option to choose either aluminum spacers or Truseal spacers, such as Swiggle Seal® or DurasealTM, with your double or triple glazed insulating glass system.

Insulated Glass System
Insulating glass is used in hotels, airports, hospitals, up-scale residences, and wherever high insulation values for heat and sound is in demand.

Thermal Insulating and Energy Saving
Premium insulation effectively keeps heat out. Thereby reducing the energy consumption needed for your air conditioning to maintain your desired temperature. It will help you to conserve energy up to 72 percent, enhances personal comfort, and increases strength to withstand wind load and water leakage.

Sound Reduction
A noise of 60 dB is considered unpleasant to the human ear and 80 dB as disturbing. Insulating glass can retard sound transmission up to 45 dB.
A single glass can reduce the noise level by 30-32 dB while double insulating glass units can reduce up to 40-45 dB.
Using an insulating glass unit with a dB factor of 45, the sound of noisy traffic (80 dB) can be reduced to a value of 35 dB.
Noise Level Acceptable Sound Levels at
Absolute silence = 10 dB Hospitals : 20 - 25 dB
Normal conversation = 60 dB Houses : 25 - 35 dB
Automobile = 80 dB Offices : 35 - 40 dB
Motorcycle = 88 dB    
Diesel truck = 100 dB    
Jet plane = 130 dB